Tools specifically created for travel agents... by travel agents.

Simple. Fast. Free.

We create simple shortcuts for complex repetitive tasks that travel agents do on a daily basis, to make you faster, all while offering them for free.

You Request Tools. We Build Them.

We build tools & shortcuts based on what travel agents requested. 1 travel agent can save hours for 1,000's of agents when we come together and build a solution.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

We built an artificial intelligence assistant to save you hours of searching online for questions your clients ask for.

Think about how long it would take you to find "Cancun resorts that offer American beer?". It takes 1 second here.


Where else are you going to find travel agent hotel discounts and hotel bonus commissions in 1 place?

Helen K

Travel Selection in Wheeling, IL

I use their online credit card form for my clients. Once my clients fill it out, I receive a beautiful PDF in my email.

Alina S

Happy Travel in Northbrook, IL

I'm saving 1 hour every week using VaxVacationAccess shortcuts alone. Their links save 5-7 clicks every time!

Tanya T

Prospect Heights, IL

Why are we doing this? Why is this free?

We're doing this because travel agents have been to 100's of resorts, read 1000's of hotel reviews, listened to feedback from 1000's of clients, yet don't have the right tools to compete in an online world. It's time to change that. You are not competing with your neighboring or even out of state travel agencies. You are competing with online travel agencies spending $250+ to acquire 1 client while offering them net rates.

There are over 80,000 travel agents in the U.S. Yet how many reservations do you lose to OTA's as opposed to a local travel agent. OTA's took advantage of the distribution the internet provided. It's time to see ourselves as 1 giant agency of 80,000, because together, we have enough knowledge and experience to create something greater and move the travel industry to the next level.

Our tools will help you:
  • Be faster
  • Work more efficiently
  • Travel more & pay less
  • Make more money on your bookings
  • Save for retirement
  • Become more technologically educated
  • Be better informed on available tools
Our tools won't help you:
  • With your website that search engines can't find
  • Google/Facebook ad money you're throwing away
  • That SEO company you're paying $500+ a month to for 2-3 leads
  • Posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc and receiving 1-2 calls
That's where our optional paid services come in

If it has to do with your individual presence or acquiring new clients, we offer it as a paid service. Simply creating a website has not worked and will not work. There are 1.94+ billion websites on the internet and search engines are picky. Most likely, your website was created on WIX or Godaddy, by a web developer that doesn't specialize in travel agencies or your son's friend in college for $300. Hover over your phone number on your Contact Us page and a few other pages, if you can't click it, can your clients? Search a few of your blog posts or page titles in your favorite search engine, if you can't find your website, can your clients?

If you're advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc... is your website relevant to what you're advertising? Are your ads? Your ads may visually look good, but your cost per acquisition will disagree. That is because the person/agency that created your ad campaigns doesn't exclusively work with travel agencies. They also create ads for plumbers. SEO agencies have the same issue, if you're paying less than $3,000 a month, you're throwing money away because SEO companies don't have enough time/resources to read about El Dorado Maroma or know the difference between Cancun and Playa Mujeres. Since we exclusively work with travel agencies, we can provide SEO that's specific to the travel industry and offer it at significantly lower rate.

If you're posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and aren't getting leads... stop. Go outside, get a cappuccino, watch your favorite movie, because social media algorithms change all the time and your post is not being seen. You may get a few replies, but are they turning into leads or just commenting on how beautiful the Cancun beach is? If you aren't creating engaging content, if your nobody can find your posts and you don't keep up with social media full time, then you're wasting your time.

If it's a waste of time, we will tell you how it is. If you still want to do it yourself, our training videos will show you how to do it right (for free).